Over the last few weeks, Evan has regressed a little, and I have to admit, I’ve gotten a little down. November 29th will be our one-year anniversary from our stint at at Children’s Medical Center’s Pediatric Psychology Program.  We have made incredible progress, and Evan has grown by leaps and bounds, but it is still a very clear reality that he is mentally ill, and it will be a lifelong journey.

I had dropped him off at school after getting some blood work last week, and I was starting to have one of those conversations in my head.  The ones that take you down a negative path, and make it hard to re-focus.  I turned the radio to the new comedy station, 102.7 FM, and I began to laugh so hard I actually snorted!

The first joke was by Jeff Foxworthy.  He was explaining that across the world, he’s sure women do 99% of the cleaning, but men are far more proud of their 1% than we are of ours.  A woman could be outside re-paving the driveway in 100 degree heat, but a man will come outside and say, “Hey honey.  Damn, it’s hot out here.  Anyway, I just wanted you to know I unloaded the dishwasher.  No need to thank me.  I’m going to go take a nap now.”

By now I had a huge smile on my face, and I was starting to chuckle.  Then, another comic came on (I can’t remember his name), and told a joke that is completely inappropriate to share here 🙂 and then said, “Ah, what a great audience response.  A boo, followed by a laugh, and then a little clap. Kind of like my sex life.”  That did it….I laughed so hard I snorted!  I even looked around to see if anyone noticed (I was going 70mph on I-35.  No one was going to notice me snorting, but it was just one of those instincts.)

By then, I had a huge smile on my face, my mood had turned around, and I was back to focusing on how far we’ve come over the last year.  Sometimes, turning your mood around is as easy as turning on the radio.  I love this new station!


  1. I was introduced to this station last week and I love it too. We all need a good laugh every once in a while.

    I am glad that things are getting bettr with your son. He is young and at least his mind is still moldable. It will be a long hard road but remember, God gave him to you because He knew that you could handle it. You are the best mom that he could have.

    Have a great week.

  2. I love to laugh. Listening to the radio, comedy on TV or movies are a great boost to turning around the mood. I wish you the best. God helps you keep that great strength because he knows how much you love son. I hope Evan gets better as time goes on. I’m a believer of miracles, so keep doing what you do.

  3. I found this station last week too. Certainly a great way to shake off the worries and enjoy the commute. This really helped me get through my week too.

  4. I met you a few years ago at the NAMI conference in Dallas…and your comments about your son have stayed with me since. My son is 31 and has been mentally ill since he was 21. I realized that he at least had a normal child hood and I have fond memories of those days. its ok to be sad…but you cant dwell on the negative as it wont do your son any good. Enjoy him and cherish him…he is still a gift from God. I know I do with my son…Enjoy the day…tomorrow is not promised.

  5. I can so relate how I can go down that negative thought pattern so quickly. Thank you for the comedy radio station info. I will so appreciate this. You are a great inspiration and I really get a great deal of motivation from your emails. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I appreciate your weekly motivatial thoughts. I met you at The Administrators Conference in Dallas a few years ago. I think you and Evan often. You are in my thoughts and prayers.You are a great mother and your compassion shows each time you mention your son.

  7. Hi Anne,
    I wished I lived close to be able to receive this station…sounds like so much fun. And, I’m all about the fun.
    I want you know how much I enjoy your weekly motivators. I often use the topics in a substance abuse treatment continuing care group I facilitate each week. The topics always lead to good discussions. Thanks for taking the time to write them.

    • Hi Kay,

      Thanks so much for your comment. You made my day 🙂 I’m glad the topics help facilitate discussion. You can always try Sirius radio for comedy stations too 😉

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