How to Network Without Being an Ass#$%!

Do networking events make your palms sweat? Are you nervous about talking to people you don’t know? Worried you “don’t have enough experience” to network yet? Terrified of being judged by your title, your income or your background? Does self-promotion feel sleazy? Learn how to identify and utilize your unique personality and skills to immediately engage and connect in a meaningful way at networking events. Create and develop your personal story and don’t worry about “saying the right thing”. Learn how being yourself is not only enough, but the most effective way to maximize your networking efforts.


  • Build genuine connections that will enhance your life and career
  • Get over your fears of networking and learn ways to engage meaningfully and without feeling slimy
  • Identify and gain insight into your unique skills and personality
  • Use these insights so that you can create real and authentic connection with anyone
  • Get the best conversation starters (and enders) so you feel prepared to walk into any room and dazzle the crowd…or at least not want to throw up

Strother Gaines

Strother (pronounced like “father”) has been a facilitator, speaker, and director for over 15 years and a Unicorn for all his life. Strother created and teaches Authentic Networking, among others, and has worked with clients like Dell, The United Way, Johns Hopkins Business School, Hubspot, and TEDx Mid-Atlantic.