Take Control of Your Career

While workload, deadlines and shifting priorities are stressful, your relationship with your manager will determine, in large part, how you feel about coming to work and how you’ll perform while you’re there. Managing up is the process of deliberately working with your manager to achieve the best results for both of you, your team and your organization. In order to effectively manage up, you must proactively develop a strategy that will set you up for success.

This session is an opportunity to take control of your relationship and your career so that you can feel engaged, satisfied and motivated at work, while at the same time achieving results. We will explore ways to build emotional intelligence, identify your manager’s work style, and manage critical conversations to manage up.


  • Utilize emotional intelligence to strengthen your relationships
  • Identify your manager’s strengths, motivators and work style
  • Navigate relationships with “difficult” managers
  • Use communication styles to improve personal influence
  • Gain alignment on priorities and expectations