Stop Hitting Yourself!

It’s ironic, I actually bought this book for my son Evan over five years ago.  We used to play that game, the one where I would grab his hand and lovingly have him hit himself, and I would say, “Stop hitting yourself”.  He would giggle, and I would say, “Come on, stop hitting yourself!”, and he would giggle more.  For those out there about to call child protective services, I promise it was all out of love.

As I was going through my week, it occurred to me that we hit ourselves all the time.  Maybe not literally, although I’ve been tempted, but how often do we stand in our own way, trip over ourselves, or sabotage our own success?  I don’t have a study or a statistic, but I’m pretty sure it happens way too often.

Have you been standing in your own way in work, love, or life?   I suspect we are all standing in our own way in some form or fashion.  So what do you do to stop hitting yourself?

Here are 5 things I’ll be doing this week to get out of my own way: