Originally posted on SUCCESS Magazine | SUCCESS Speaker Bureau  |  November 2022

Every person and organization faces setbacks, many of which are beyond our control. But it’s how we face personal and professional challenges that makes all the difference between a happy, dynamic and prosperous organization and one which is perpetually caught off-balance.

Successful enterprises are built on mindfulness, personal development and team cohesion, and resilience lies at the heart of each. That is why motivational speakers such as Anne Grady have become so popular among leading organizations and brands such as ADP, Dell and MasterCard. Hiring a top motivational speaker for your next event provides the catalyst you may need to add energy and enthusiasm to teams that seem to be lagging, overwhelmed or simply unmotivated.

So why hire Grady for your event? And what about her experience and background set her apart from others on your short list of professional speakers?

Anne Grady’s name and style capture audiences from the start.

Booking Grady for your event creates buzz and excitement, and adds a sense of trust and authority to any event. Her reputation as a two-time TEDx speaker and global expert on resilience lets prospective attendees know that your event is worth their time and effort. Plus, her notoriety as a leading resilience consultant, trainer and author make her a major draw whether you book her live or for a virtual address.

Audiences will know her from such best-selling, personally-empowering books such as Mind Over Moment and Strong Enough. But just as importantly, they will find that same clarity and life-changing wisdom in every one of her deliveries. Grady moves flawlessly between deeply moving stories, humor and the brilliance of “Aha!” moments that audiences will never forget. Bigger than life yet intimately relatable, Grady’s ability to capture and hold an audience’s attention has made her one of the world’s most popular motivational speakers.

Her corporate addresses empower individuals with resilience.

Improved personal resilience builds happier individuals, stronger teams and better-functioning corporations. Rather than avoiding challenges or adversity, resilience cultivates the means to meet challenges—and even benefit from them.

Globally recognized as a personal development and growth mindset expert, Grady empowers individuals through her proven methods in harnessing resilience. The Anne Grady Group, in fact, has built its reputation on assisting corporations and organizations—and the individuals within them—to harness the power of resilience. The result is a happier, more energized, adaptable and productive organization.

Ready to help your executives, managers and staff better handle challenges, setbacks and adversity? Booking Grady for your event preps them with the right mindset to meet your long-term goals!

Anne Grady offers unique insights as a lifelong learner.

As a lifelong learner with an innate curiosity and the resolve to face challenges with knowledge, Grady embodies what we look for in our best employees, from new hires to executive leadership. When her son was diagnosed with autism and severe mental illness, she delved into neuroscience. Just as immediate, her own tumor diagnosis again challenged her to learn and cope, ultimately adding to her personal growth.

This approach to adversity, resilience and growth did not end with personal wellness. Grady continues to learn daily as a speaker and entrepreneur—but she also has the maturity and experience to never succumb to the latest fad. Rather, the new knowledge she acquires daily augments and builds upon her approach.

Top corporations trust her for the best resilience addresses.

Top brands trust Grady’s live and virtual presentations as well as her resilience training programs. As one recent client said, “We left Anne’s presentation with new skills, new tools, and a plan to use them!”

So who are these clients? Some include Walgreens, Microsoft, Google and United Healthcare—amongst many, many more.

Additionally, if you seek to book a woman speaker, Grady brings the bona fides of commitment to empowering women in the workplace. Her entrepreneurial work has been certified by the WBENC—the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council—which is “the most widely recognized and respected national certification for women-owned businesses in the U.S.”

How can I book Anne Grady for my event?

Booking mindset growth and resilience expert Grady for your event is now simpler than ever. The Success Speaker’s Bureau will handle the logistics so you can get back to empowering audiences through an event as great as you imagined.

Simply contact us with a few details, and we’ll get started in providing Grady or other top professional speakers.

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