“Anne Grady will help you realize you’re Strong Enough
to find joy, and overcome anything life throws at you.”

-Shawn Achor
New York Times Bestselling Author, The Happiness Advantage

When was the last time you felt strong enough?

Strong enough to handle life’s obstacles, setbacks, and adversity? Author and conference keynote speaker Anne Grady, a communication and leadership consultant to companies large and small, has overcome unbelievable challenges, trauma, and adversity. Available on Amazon.com, Anne shares the powerful formula that has helped her transform tragedy into triumph, and can help you transcend any challenge, personally and professionally.

Humor, Humility, and Grit!

Anne will capture your heart as she shatters your preconceived notions of strength, courage, and resilience. She provides actionable strategies that you can apply to all aspects of your personal and professional life to create lasting behavior change. She challenges you to think differently with thought-provoking questions, assignments, and self-assessments so you, too, can become Strong Enough.

Change Happens One of Three Ways – Slowly, Rarely, or Never

Changes must be subtle if they are going to be sustainable. If you’re seeking change in your life, 52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work will help you improve your relationships, increase your productivity, and ignite your success.

With topics ranging from dealing with difficult people to navigating and managing change, productivity, happiness, and more, these 52 highly effective strategies provide a week-by-week template for success that will keep you motivated to making positive changes in your own life.