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Building Resilient Leaders

A resilient leader is someone at any level of the organization that communicates powerfully, builds trust and relationships, and champions change and innovation.  There is no success in safety.  Great leaders fail fast, learn from their mistakes, and adapt quickly.

Resilient leaders use failure as a catalyst to propel them toward the best solutions to the toughest problems, and these leaders have been proven to be more productive, engaged, and higher performing as a result.  Decreased resources, increased responsibilities, and the rapid pace of change make these skills more important than ever.

Learn to navigate change and adversity, build agility, adopt a growth mindset, and develop a resilience tool box to take yourself, your team, and your organization to the next level.

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Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Leadership is the art of positively influencing the attitudes and behaviors of others. Rather than a disposition or personality trait, leadership is a collection of skills that can be practiced and honed to harness individual strengths, tap into the motivators of others, and positively influence behavior.

In this fast-paced, engaging, and interactive keynote, you’ll learn strategies that will help you to build trust and credibility, manage difficult conversations, and tap into your strengths and motivators.

Let’s face it, if an alien landed on Earth, it wouldn’t say, “Take me to your manager”. Great leaders are made, and this is where it happens. Whether you are an individual contributor, mid-level manager, or senior leader, this session is jam packed full of practical tools and strategies to help you be the leader that others want to follow.

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The Recipe for Success

If you want a “magic wand” that will transform your relationships, your teams, and your organization, you have found it (or at least the closest thing to it)!

For over twenty years, Anne has shared her “communication recipe” with hundreds of thousands of people across the world, while inspiring them to make simple changes that generate huge results.

Experience the “A-Ha” moment when you find the key to unlock your strengths, your emotional intelligence, your motivation, and your ability to positively influence others. Learn to avoid power struggles, minimize unhealthy conflict, collaborate more effectively, and transform your communication personally and professionally.

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