Every day you have to manage your D’s.  Your D’s will keep you motivated, inspired, and in charge of your life.  Your D’s will help you balance your personal and professional life, and ultimately, determine your success.  

What are these magical D’s?

Decisions:  Each one you make is a new start.  Choose wisely and deliberately.

Determination:  How committed are you toward reaching your goals?  Are you willing to do what it takes to reach them?

Dedication:  What is most important to you?  Take time to schedule your priorities rather than just prioritizing your schedule.

Discipline:  Willpower and self-discipline are cited as the biggest predictors of success.  Are you practicing daily? 

Desire:  What are you passionate about, and are you doing something daily to pursue it?

It’s easy to slip and forget to focus on your D’s.  It’s even more common to inadvertently let other people control your D’s. Take charge of your happiness and your success.  It’s time to own your life and manage your D’s.

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