“The space for what you want is already filled with what you settle for instead.”

-Stephen C. Paul

What a powerful quote, thought, and overall philosophy.  Think about how many times you have felt unfulfilled, frustrated, or have complained about something you aren’t happy with in your life.  All too often, we remain unhappy with where we are, who we’re with, or what we’re doing, yet we continue to settle rather than change the situation.

If you have ever tried to stuff a suitcase with too many clothes, you know that at some point, you just can’t fit anything else.  Our lives are the same way.  When your space is full, there’s just no more room for something new. 

Is it time for some spring cleaning in your life?  Here are seven strategies to get started:

1.  Where are you settling?  What spaces in your life are filled by things for which you’re merely settling? 

2.  Define your priorities.  Trying to change too much at once results in no change at all, and it’s exhausting.  Determine what’s most important and start there.

3.  Wave a magic wand.  If you could magically design your life, what would it look like?  I don’t think we set our goals too high and miss them, I think we set them too low and achieve them.  Don’t be afraid to go after what you want.

4.  Face your F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).  We generally stay stuck because we’re afraid of the unknown.  What’s keeping you stuck?

5.  Fail faster.  Change the way you think about failure.  Rather than being afraid of it, view it as successfully figuring out what you don’t want to repeat.

6.  Identify the common denominator.  I come across people that share their unhappiness with everything in their life, ranging from their job to their relationships.  Before you start making drastic changes, identify whether or not you are the common denominator.  Remember, no one and nothing can make you happy.  If you’re trying to fill a gap with something or someone else, first assess whether or not the void is something you really need to fill for yourself.

7.  Know your worth.  If you don’t believe you’re worth the best, you’ll always settle for less.  Believe in your talents, strengths, and abilities.  You are worth it!

 Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, tips, and strategies, or leave a question or share a current challenge, and we can start a conversation about it.  


  1. Very helpful, especially the part about knowing you own worth!! You seem to always “hit the nail right on the head”!!! Thank you.

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