Saturday night while attempting to clean the garage (I lead a very exciting life), I found some old boxes in the attic.  These were boxes we stuffed up there when we moved in eight years ago, and until yesterday, I had completely forgotten they were there.  Talk about a trip down memory lane!  It was as if I found a time capsule.  There were hundreds of pictures from the age of about three until after grad school, my old music box from when I was five, a bunch of trophies from my old piano and debate days (yes, you can tell the nerds early), my first pair of shoes, and so many other “treasures”.

When I looked back at all of the pictures, and watched my husband and kids double over in laughter, I couldn’t believe some of them.  There were the four years of big metal braces,  the rooster hair from the 80’s, and the 90s when I was in the best shape of my life and standing on a beach during spring break next to my old college friend, Eva Longoria (yup, even then she was hot).  Then there were the party days, the graduation, and the old boyfriend and prom pics.  I don’t even have any words to describe those.  You can see for yourself!

So here were my 5 takeaways from my blast from the past:

1.  It is amazing what we remember. From kids’ names in the second grade to how I felt in various situations, I couldn’t believe how vivid some things still were in my mind.  It’s like turning on a song you haven’t heard in 20 years and remembering all of the words.  Some things just stick with us.

2.  Life goes by incredibly fast. It felt like it was yesterday, looking at the pictures of me in the eight grade playing Marta Von Trapp in the Sound of Music.  We really need to stop and not only smell the roses, but pick them and make a beautiful bouquet.

3.  We will never feel completely satisfied with ourselves. We should be nicer to ourselves.  It was hysterical to watch my husband’s jaw drop when he saw the South Padre spring break pictures.  I look back and remember how even then I was complaining about how I looked!  What I wouldn’t give to look like that again!

4.  Kids are mean, so show empathy to yours. I remember the bullies, the popular crowd, and the kids that were just plain mean.  I wouldn’t go through middle school again if you paid me!  It makes me want to be more empathetic to my own kids and really listen to their feelings.  It scares me that they are growing up in a time where social media can change your life forever.

5.   What was I worrying about 15 years ago? Accept for the memories that really stand out, I don’t remember 99% of what I worried about back then.  It seems like such a waste of energy.  If I start worrying this week  I’m going to ask myself, “Will this matter in 20 years?”  If not, I’m going to make a concerted effort to stop.

If you have a chance to rummage through some old pictures or boxes that you haven’t seen in a while, I highly recommend it!  You’ll be amazed at what you find.


  1. Hey – can’t find the link to the pics. Where are they?!? You are so funny….and courageous to post your prom picture!

  2. Bold Anne,
    I love this picture and your smile has not altered. What I love more about this picture are your dyeable shoes.

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