Last week, I was thrilled to hit a career milestone; I was quoted in a CNN article.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a professional speaker, and national exposure has been one of my goals.  So what did I do to celebrate?  I started thinking about the next goals, accomplishments, and list of to-do’s.

Before I even had a chance to feel good about my current accomplishment, I was off to the next one. It occurred to me that all too often, we don’t stop to celebrate our successes.  I’m a big advocate of setting goals and working toward them, but one of the steps in that process is supposed to be to stop and reward success.

Why is it that when we accomplish something, we’re quick to dismiss it, but when we fail to accomplish something, we remind ourselves of it constantly?

I’m going to try an experiment this week.  Every day this week, I’m going to take time to celebrate an accomplishment, no matter how small.  After all, if we don’t take time to celebrate our success, who will?

Celebrating doesn’t have to take the form of a parade or shopping spree, although that might be fun!  Sometimes just taking time to sit back and smile is enough.  The important thing is taking the time to enjoy the success.  You’ve earned it.

Sharing in other people’s accomplishments is also a great way to celebrate.  I hope you’ll take a minute to comment and share yours!


  1. OMGoodness, Anne, you ALWAYS seem to hit the nail on the head with your posts. “We are what we do” these days, so it becomes even more essential to celebrate each success! So that the good things and triumphs help us shape our self-image more than the rough days and the near-misses!

  2. Thanks, Anne, for letting me know I’m not the only one that does this! Unfortunately, I go one step further and dismiss it, sort of. I say “oh, it’s nothing, anyone could have done it!” I have to remind myself that althought they can, they don’t, and I did and THAT is something to celebrate.
    Congrats on being quoted! and what a great quote indeed! As I first read it, I thought you were going to sugar coat it, and you didn’t. Awesome. Wishing you continued success in all areas of your life!

    • Hi Monica,

      You’re not the only one at all, in fact, I think most of us do it. That’s way it’s important to catch ourselves and make the effort to celebrate our success 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  3. Congratulations, and thanks for your helpful thoughts! I was thinking this morning that despite what I tell myself I value, the list of things I consider to be personal successes (worth celebrating) is pretty narrow. If my house is a mess, I berate myself – even if I spent the “cleaning” time doing great things with my kids. I’m going to follow your advice today – and I’m going to try to spread the wealth, seeing successes in as many different areas of my life as possible.

  4. Repeatedly celebrate! I think that’s imporant to balance. Like you said, when we fail, we seem to have no problem reminding ourselves of it constantly — why not be as persistent with ourselves in celebrating our accomplishments? Although I agree that it’s a good exercise in positive thinking to find something to celebrate every day, I also think it’s equally good to celebrate some things for an extended period of time. Let those good feelings carry you for a while. It’s hard to let go of our failures; it should be just as hard to let go of our accomplishments.

  5. Anne, I have only heard you speak one time and enjoyed every minute of it! You more than deserve to be in an article for CNN and even your own television show. I never celebrate my accomplishments, not sure why but after reading your post, I will start celebrating small accomplishments and this may assist in building my confidence and self esteem. Thanks for all your motivation inspirations, very well appreciated.

  6. Thank you for synchronizing with my higher self. On my way to work today I was feeling nostalgic for another place and time, something I’ve been doing often recently having just moved. Well I decided to stop thinking things were better when and started to look at how I’ve met my own challenges and succeeded. It made me smile to myself, pleased to be who I am, here and now. It was a precious moment to just sit still and smile, feeling my accomplishments. Thank you for recognizing the importance of relishing in our successes! You’re great Anne!

    • Hi Leona,

      I love that! “Synchronizing my higher self” 🙂 I’m so glad you got to sit back, smile, and give yourself a much deserved pat on the back! Way to go!

  7. I’ve been reading The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin and that is one of the things she includes in her “Happiness List” is taking time to relish in our accomplishments, enjoying the moment NOW! As they say, “That is why they call now the present, becuase it’s a present to us!” Congratulations on your accomplishments!

    • Hey Angela! Great to hear from you. Do you like the book? Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Tell everyone I said hi.

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