Earl and Bubba, two men in their older years, were sitting on their porch, sipping lemonade, reminiscing about the good ole’ days, and in between them sat Bubba’s giant hound dog.  Every once in a while, the hound dog would let out a huge wail.  Earl turned to Bubba and said, “Bubba, what’s wrong with your dog?”  Bubba said, “Well, Earl, he’s sittin’ on a nail.”  “Why don’t he move”, said Earl.  “Well”,  Bubba said, “I guess it don’t hurt bad enough”.

Change is often so disruptive many of us would rather stay more comfortable with old problems than new solutions.  In a time when the only thing constant is change, it’s important to remember that our success is directly proportionate to our ability to effectively navigate change.

Whether it is in your personal professional life, being open to the idea of change and being agile is critical. 

We are all sitting on some kind of nail.  Change happens through either inspiration or desperation.  Don’t wait for desperation to get up off the nail.  If you think about the times in your life when you’ve really grown, chances are, you had to stretch out of your comfort zone to get there.

What nail are you sitting on? It’s time to make a change and move.  Be inspired and be strong. 


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