Last week I was traveling to Gainesville, Florida and due to a delayed flight out of Austin, I missed my connecting flight in Dallas.  While I’ve come pretty close a few times, this was my first time actually missing a flight.  I’d like to say I stayed cool, calm, and collected, but unfortunately, I panicked.  From the twisting in my stomach to the cold sweat, I definitely lost my cool.

I had plenty of time to kill before my next flight and my nerves were fried, so I decided to have a beer and chat with the friendly bartender at the airport bar.  While I started off a little shaky, he had me laughing in no time.  Thank goodness for Cornell at Uno’s Due Go at DFW Airport.

He was in a great mood, chatting it up with all of the customers, making us laugh, and having a great time.  He told me it didn’t cost a thing to brighten someones day, so he tried to do it as often as possible.  What a great philosophy!  Not only did he turn my day around, but every customer he interacted with left with a smile.

I can only hope I have that affect on people.  Last week’s post was about dealing with unhappy, negative people. This week, let’s look at the flip side, happy, positive people, like Cornell.

It boils down to a choice, one that each of us has the power to make minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.  While it’s not always easy, it is a slight edge choice and one that’s worth making.

A positive attitude is a simple choice that’s not always so simple to make, but it’s like anything else, the more you practice, the easier it gets.  Start with a smile, look for the bright side even in difficult situations, and catch yourself if you’re about to complain or say something negative.

And, If you are ever in the DFW airport, stop by Uno’s, ask for Cornell and tell him the crazy lady from Austin sent you!

P.S.  I’ll be taking a family vacation, so there will be a 2-week break from the blog.  Like us on Facebook to get real time vacation updates. If it is anything like previous vacations, it will no doubt be entertaining!

I hope you’re having a fantastic summer, and I’ll be back on July 16th!


  1. One time I was traveling with my daughter – she was about 5. We missed a flight – the last in a series that would take us home after a long trip. She watched in amazement as a man who also missed the same flight literally pitched a fit and threw down his briefcase. I realized at that instant that I could be calm and she would be calm, or I could be upset too. I chose to be calm. I said “sweetie – they have some people at a desk of helpers and they will help us find a flight home – or we will stay in a nice hotel.”

    When we got to the help desk – I picked up my daughter – showed her the ladies working the computers and said “see, these are the nice ladies who will help us get home to daddy and brother.” They smiled, grateful that I wasn’t yelling, and they found us a flight home. I am grateful to those ladies – but also, grateful to the man who showed me that we choose how we react to things we cannot control. And, we can choose not to be upset.

  2. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for the nice reminder this morning on the impact of a smile and light-hearted approach! Your blog really got my attention with your reference to Gainesville– my home town– go gators!

  3. Even though we may all go into Acclivity withdrawal you should still have a great vacation. Just kidding did not really want to play a head game. Family vacations have their own challenges, ususally, but in the end it was a good chance for the family to have time together without the usual day to day interruptions. My kids always would bring up “remember when” stories about our vacations and even the unplanned things usually brought laughs, later.

  4. Though I’m a day late (I was off yesterday) you really “made my day” with one of my favorite Clint Eastwood quotes and your story. Last time I talked to you, I told you that one of the things I like about you is your bravery – yes, bravery. What I like about you is that you are willing to share your personal stories with us all. That is what make people connect with you. We all have these stories, but you are willing to share. I am so grateful that you are in my life! Keep up the good stories! Kay

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