Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered where the last 10 years have gone?  Have you thought about what your ideal life would look like?  Have you set yourself up to make that a reality?

Most of us go about our lives, caught up in the day-to-day stuff and without knowing it, years go by and we are no closer to accomplishing our goals.  For some of us, where we end up is exactly what we wanted.  For others, we land somewhere, draw a bulls-eye around ourselves and claim we’ve hit our mark.

I don’t think we fail to accomplish our goals because we aim too high and miss the target.  I think the real problem is that we aim too low and hit it.  If you could live your “perfect life”, what would that look like?  Not just from a materialistic standpoint, but what kind of career, relationships and hobbies would you want?

STOP waiting and grab the bull by the horns!  You can make your dreams a reality, but you have to make it a priority.  If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend you take some time and make a dream or vision board.  Go through old magazines, pictures, books and other things laying around the house, and cut out pictures or sayings that represent what you want your life to look like.  For example, if you want to vacation on a relaxing beach, have a picture of a blue water, white sand beach on your board.  If you see a picture of the man or woman of your dreams, that goes on your board as well (unless you are currently in a relationship, in which case, this may be awkward!)  I did this exercise in a class recently, and everyone had so much fun.  Find your inner first grader, get some glue sticks, and get creative. 

On a side note, thank you all for asking about and supporting me with Evan.  We were on a really great stretch, but school has thrown our world around, and he is having a difficult time.  I am so grateful to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for all of their support.

I would love for you to walk with me in their annual NAMIWalk on October 2ndMy walk team is the Little Rascals, and we have a blast.  Please visit my walk page to sign up or donate.  This is their only fundraiser of the year, and all proceeds go to our community to raise awareness and provide education and support for individuals and families living with mental illness.

My fundraising goal is $2,500, and so far, I’m at $1,411.  Please visit my walk site or the NAMI website to learn more.  Thanks to Kerbey Lane Café for donating a $1 to the NAMIWalk for every salad you order!


  1. Thanks for the idea, Anne. A grief recovery group I was in used this technique to create memory boxes (in Altoid containers) for lost loved ones. There’s something different that happens when you work with images than when you work with words. Pictures can slip by my inner editor easier than words can. Since I’m in the process of planning for retirement, I’m going to drag out the old magazines and the glue stick!

  2. hi,
    don’t fight the breakdown that came with the start of the school year, spend that energy on figuring what will work,,,you already know what is causing problems, Don’t forget to ask Evan what he thinks too. Return to school is stressful,change is always stressful, but I know you will come thru, How? I do not know since I am not a parent, but somehow, all my friends that are parents make it thru, ,,,I am a Catholic so I always have a rosary rattling around,,,,take care.

    • Thanks for your comment Sherry. That’s a fantastic idea and one that hadn’t crossed my mind. Thanks for the suggestion! Keep me posted on your vision board!

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