Blip: /blip/ n. A temporary phenomenon; a brief departure from the normal

Last week we had a minor setback with Evan.  He has been doing really well overall, but he got pretty aggressive at school, and I have to admit, I felt like I got hit in the gut when I read the report from the teacher. 

I had remembered talking to a friend of mine, explaining the ups and downs we had been experiencing over the last few years, and she said something that really stuck with me…happiness happens in blips.  I realized, so does everything else.

One of my personal goals is to struggle less and be content more.  Some days that’s easier than others.  One thing is true though, if you’re not happy with what’s going on in your life, just wait.  It’s a blip.  While some blips last longer than others, everything happens in blips.

As I started to get stressed out last week about Evan, I found myself making little “blip” noises.  Some might call me crazy.  I would prefer to think of myself as mentally hilarious.

If you aren’t feeling very happy, satisfied, or content, look for blips of happiness.  If you’re feeling angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed, look for blips of relief and realize that this too shall pass.  No one is always happy or never happy.  Happiness, just like sadness, and just about every other emotion happens in little blips.  We get to choose which blips we focus on.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration today. Always looking forward to what insight you will give me. Here’s hoping for a week full of happy blips.

  2. Ann this is so true; I’m going to enjoy using that term now…Blip!. I use to say “and this too shall pass”, but having a handy “blip” on the days that phrase is just too much to say will be wonderful.

  3. Mentally Hilarious- as a mom of a kiddo like yours I’m DEF going to start using that phrase! And, I really like your message. It reminds me of a training I went to called Finding Joy in the Journey. And nothing makes me feel sicker than looking on my caller ID and seeing the word SCHOOL-instant panic sets in. I might just have to make some blip noises before I answer! When you’re in the thick of things its hard to remember that things will get better. Thanks for a great and timely post!

    • Hey Alissa,

      Great to hear from you. I get them same feeling when I see “school” on the caller id. I like you’re idea. I’ll change the ringtone to a blip 😉

  4. Hi Anne,

    I’ve been receiving your weekly messages for over a year and really enjoy them. The post today was espescially encouageing as my wife and I are dealing with the care of elderly inlaws. My motherinlaw is in the later stages of demensia and in a nursing home. My fatherinlaw is at home but very, very hard to deal with.

    He told us yesterday that his money was running out and wasn’t sure how much longer he could pay for his wifes care. (He has no problem spending over $100.00 for cigarettes.) Anyway, that sent my wife into a panic thinking she will have to quite her job and bring my mothierinlaw to our house.

    We have found ourselves looking intently for blips of happiness and peace as we pray for some relief.

    Thanks for your messages. They mean a lot to me.

    • this is for don ekvall. Look into Hospice. if she is declining rapidly, she may qualify. If they are about to run out of money, she whould then qualify for Medicaid. They will pay for her NH placement. Rely on the social worker at the NH. She has a reason to find solutions.

    • Hey Don,

      I’m so sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. I’m sure it is not easy. There was another comment left by a reader for you…did you see it? I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. You are so right. It’s also hard to remember that we all take steps forward and steps back. Sometimes I am really good at not yelling, and at being patient. Sometimes my kids are really good at not yelling and at being patient. And, sometimes we both are not so good. Sometimes my son who has a bunch of things going on with lots of labels can write really well – and sometimes he is so amazingly stuck I wonder how this could be after all the work we’ve done. And, sometimes I am stuck about writing at work and I’m reminded that we are all human, not perfect, and working on it…

  6. Anne,

    I love the idea of “mentally hilarious.” What a great term for having a bad day. And, you are right, we all have them. The lucky ones among us can shorten them to “bad moments” instead of allowing them to ruin our whole day. I can only imagine your challenges, and you handle them with grit and panache. Thank you for sharing, and I will have to remember the “blip” idea. Bless you, Kay

  7. Anne, I love this blog, the difficulties of life are intended to make us better. Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. And yes in life, everything happens in blips!

  8. I am grateful for your candor and for your sharing “blips” and
    “mentally hilarious” to help us navigate through troubled waters.

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