How do you define success?  Some people define it with money, others with status, yet some with peace or contentment.  I caution people who say, “When I get _________, I will be successful and happy” because anything you can get, you can “unget”.  Defining it with by a feeling runs the risk of being fleeting and unpredictable.

Why even stop to define success?  Because like George Harrison said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”.  If you don’t know your goals, how can you determine if any activity is a better use of your time than another?

Rather than land somewhere, draw a target around yourself and declare it a victory, take some time to define what success looks like to you.  Then, be deliberate about how and where you spend your time and energy. 

I define success as progressive achievement of predetermined personal goals.  That way, I’m constantly working toward goals that I have identified are important to me, but my success is not determined by any single event.

Check out this previous post to learn how to set powerful, effective goals.

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  1. Thanks for your presentation once again at the Secretary of State Elections conference. When i saw you on the agenda, i was THRILLED!! i always enjoy your perspective on LIFE and your approach with humor!!! All those things I have determined makes life worth living!! Have a great holiday seasons… and blessings to you and yours!

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