I was doing a presentation for Sharp Skirts a few months ago and was sharing my “it is what it is” mantra.  This saying has gotten me through some really tough times with Evan over the past few years.  One of the participants, Jenny Magic, a local marketing and social media strategist, shared that her mantra is “I’m lucky and good things happen to me”.  It was like a light bulb went off.  What a great thing to tell yourself!  I love learning things during  my presentations!  I have the best job ever.

I made up my mind that I was going to adopt this saying.  I truly believe that we find what we look for, and since I’ve started looking for all of the good things that happen to me, I have found lots of them!

Can’t find a parking spot up close?  That’s ok. I’m lucky and good things happen to me. It’s a chance to get some exercise. Running late?  That’s ok.  I’m lucky and good things happen to me.  There’s a reason I’m not supposed to be on that road at that time.  New puppy left “presents” all over the carpet?  That’s ok.  I’m lucky and good things happen to me.  We were in dire need of new carpet anyway, and I have a whole new appreciation for crate training!

While this doesn’t rule out the possibility of having a crappy day every now and then, it certainly increases the likelihood that you’ll have far more good ones.

Guess what?  You’re lucky and good things happen to you too. I can’t wait to read your comments to see what they are!


  1. Hi Anne, You know what? I am lucky, and good things happen to me!!! Thank you Anne, this is my new mantra too!!!

  2. I taught a class about “positivity” and steered everyone away from negative thoughts, while focusing on the positive. Now my department routinely quotes “positivity creates positivity.” Thanks for sharing this one Anne. We can add the “I’m lucky…” quote to our everyday lives now too. I enjoy your weekly blogs.

  3. Met Dr. Norman Vincent Peale around 30 years ago and I believe he would agree wtih this. Living positively beats any other way of living. I would like to add that a smile is the absolute best ammunition to use against negativity. It takes almost no effort, it is free and you might be surprised at the effect it has on those around you.

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