Good Morning!

I hope you had a great weekend.  This has been a really tough week.  I wish I could say that because of my career, I handle things perfectly, but that is just not the case.  We are all human, we all struggle, but in the end, the only real option is to get up the next morning and do it again.  At least that is my definition of courage. 

Ok, let’s get started.  We have now discussed ways to increase productivity with Drivers and Expressives.  This week, we will focus on improving productivity with Amiables

Amiables:  Unlike Expressives and Drivers, Amiables tend to be more calm, patient, easy going and introverted.  Remember, we are all a unique blend of all of the styles.  Amiables like harmony and peace, enjoy serving others, and dislike conflict, confrontation and change.  Unlike Drivers who get angry quickly and let it go just as quickly, Amiables are like rubber bands.  They let frustration build for quite a while before saying anything, but once they have reached their limit, they snap, and it is hard for them to get over it.

 To improve productivity with an Amiable:

1.  Take time to build a relationship.  Allow a few minutes before or after your business conversation for socializing.  Like the Expressive, the Amiable wants to know that you care about them.  Break the ice, be casual, and take time to get to know them.  Again, it might take more time on the front end, but it will save time overall.

2.  Give details.  Amiables like a lot of detail, and it takes them time to process information.  Give them a chance to review the information and then provide a time to discuss any questions they may have or any clarification they may need. 

3.  Don’t embarrass them.  While a Driver would get angry, tell you you’re stupid and your mother is ugly, and then get over it.  Amiables do not like to be the center of attention, and they certainly don’t want to be embarrassed in front of others.  If an Amiable makes an effort to contribute information, be patient, listen, and speak to them privately if you disagree. 

4.  Provide time lines with milestones.  Because Amiables are more detail oriented, it sometimes takes them longer to complete tasks.  If they have a clear expectation of deadlines and needed results, they will do everything they can to meet them.

5.  Be patient.  If you are more of a Driver or Expressive, you are more than likely faster paced and more impatient than Amiables and Analyticals.  Give Amiables time to process information, and remember, they tend to process internally, rather than externally. 

6.  Pay attention to their nonverbal communication.  Remember, Amiables don’t like conflict, so if they are bothered by something, they are not likely to confront you.  Observe their mannerisms, facial expressions and body language.  If you see they are frustrated, reflect on what you might have done or said to create the frustration.

7.  Set them up to succeed.  Amiables enjoy working on a team, helping others, and knowing they are making a difference.  If at all possible, provide them opportunities to do this.  Amiables will go above and beyond if they feel valued and appreciated.

 Once again, if you are frustrated by having to modify your approach, remember to ask yourself, “Is my goal to be right or get it right?”

Remember, we all see things through our own frame of reference.  We wouldn’t communicate in a way that we thought was wrong.  We see the world through our own lenses.

Here’s a perfect example.  Up close, this looks like Albert Einstein.  If you stand several feet away, it looks like Marilyn Monroe.  You could argue one or the other all day long, but in the end, both are right. 


(Thanks to Tom Hill for including this in his weekly ezine.)

Make it a wonderful week!

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