What Do You Do?

At a recent networking event, I was reminded of how awkward and uncomfortable it can be to walk into a room full of people, all of whom look like they are having a great time and are immersed in the most interesting conversations. I walked up to a group of people already talking and hesitantly said, ”Can I join your conversation?” Of course they politely nodded, and just like that, I was in.

The first woman looked at me and said, ”And what do you do?” I could have given my typical elevator pitch and explained that I’m a speaker and consultant, but instead, I got a wild hair and decided to get creative. My response was, “Well, I guess that depends on who I’m with and what time I’m doing it!” I wish I had taken a picture of the expression on her face. It was priceless.

Wow, that felt great! How often do you get out of your comfort zone and do something different? It is so easy to lose your creativity and spark. So how do you stay “sparky”? Here are a few ways to keep it or re-kindle it: