The #1 Way to Achieve Your Dreams

The #1 Way to Achieve Your Dreams

The #1 Way to Achieve Your Dreams

Ellen. Oprah. Joe Rogan? What do these three people have in common?  I will be appearing with each of them to promote my new book.  Do Ellen, Oprah, or Joe Rogan know this?  Well, no, not yet, but they will!

We can all dream, but do we?

Do we take time to think about what we really, really want?  Do we believe it’s really possible?

Sadly, for many people, the answer is no.  “There’s no way I’ll be able to do that” or “Yeah, like that’ll ever happen” are what we’re more likely to tell ourselves.  We remain frustrated and dissatisfied with our current circumstances, and without even realizing it, we invite them to continue.  In a misguided attempt to figure out what we want, we focus on what we don’t want, and the simple act of doing that creates more of it.

What have you always wanted?  What do you dream about?  How are you going to accomplish it?

This is my dream board, and each of these images represents something I am excited about.  The return of my smile, traveling around the world, and appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show are just a few of the things in my future.  Do I know how I’m going to get there?  No.  Does that matter?  No!

That’s not how your brain works.

Once you have a clear vision of what you want, your brain automatically works backwards to find ways to make it happen.  You begin to make conscious (and subconscious) choices that will make it a reality. By truly believing it will happen, and by taking the time to visualize it, you will make your dreams a reality.

Get Your Dream Board Started

To create your own dream board, find some old magazines and start cutting out pictures.  Whenever you see a picture that represents something you want to be, have, or experience, cut it out.  There are no wrong images.  Pictures can represent places, people, things, thoughts, or anything else.  Have a picture of the man or woman of your dreams?  Put it on your dream board (unless you are currently in a relationship with someone other than in that picture – that would be awkward).  Once you have a collection of images or words, you can create your own dream board.

While the exercise may seem silly, it’s a simple and powerful way to help you accomplish your goals.  Once your mind has a very clear vision of success, it will find ways to get you there.


Anne Grady is a Speaker, Author, and #TruthBomb Dropper.

Anne shares practical strategies that can be applied both personally and professionally to improve relationships, navigate change, and triumph over adversity. And she’ll make you laugh while she does it. Anne is a two time TEDx speaker, and her work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company and Inc. magazines, CNN, ESPN, and FOX Business. She is the best selling author of 52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work and Strong Enough: Choosing Courage, Resilience and Triumph.

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