It’s lunch time.  You decide you’re in the mood for a Subway sandwich.  After you wander into the store and walk up to the counter, what do you do next?

If you’re like the majority of the people who go to Subway, you say, I’ll have a (size of sandwich), on (type of bread) with (type of meat), and (cheese or not) (toasted or not).  Then you rattle off your veggies and choice of condiments, chips, and a drink (and always get their cookies…they have the best cookies!)

How did you know that’s what you were supposed to do?  What has Subway figured out?  They know that behavior is trainable, and they have learned that if you are consistent and set clear expectations, people will follow suit.

Just like training a dog or raising a child, all behavior is trainable, and we train people how to treat us.  People will not treat you a certain way unless you allow it.  If you’re not happy with the way you’re being treated by others, you have to stop and ask, “What am I doing to enable that behavior?”

This is by no means easy, and it requires some pretty heavy introspection, but it does work. 

Is there someone in your life who is in need of a Subway lesson?


  1. Thanks…now I’m hungry!!!

    Seriously this helps…I’m in a place where I haven’t been very well received. It’s getting better, but just a way different environment then I’m used to. Waaay different! If I wasn’t so passionate about the work I’m doing, I’d be long gone. There is one individual in particular who downright bullies me (but only in private of course). So now to figure out how to train that person how to treat me appropriately. May be easier said than done…but I do love to tackle a challenge. 🙂

  2. Interesting perspective. Maybe I don’t eat there often enough, but I usually let the sandwich artist guide me through the process. Like the Sun Chips, though.

  3. This is so absolutely true — the first few times I went to Subway (way back when), it was almost intimidating b/c everyone else seemed to know how to order and the workers seemed to expect that I did, too. After a few times, I was “trained” and am now able to go in rattle off my order with the best of them! The more I learn over the years, the stronger the message becomes: you need to set clear expectations when you interact with just about everyone!

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