How would you fill in the rest of this sentence?

 “You know your life is exciting when _______.”

My answers used to be fun and spunky.  Well, times are a changin’, and these days,  my answers are a little less spectacular.  Here are just a few examples:

1.  Saturday, I was folding laundry, and I actually found the matching sock for EVERY single sock! That NEVER happens!  I have a ton of sad, single socks that terribly miss their partner.  I’m convinced my dryer has a sock addiction.

2.  When grandma volunteered to watch the kids, and we had a couple of days off, our plans to live it up in Austin, go out to eat, listen to live music, and party til’ dawn shifted slightly.  I am embarrassed to admit that we rented a pressure washer and cleaned the house. I know, I know.

3. After dinner last Thursday, Evan went up to take his shower.  Jay (my husband), Rylee (my step-daughter), Ganna (my mom) and I were all standing around talking in the kitchen.  After a few minutes, Evan came downstairs and
said, “Guys, I couldn’t find a towel, but it’s ok.  I dried off with the floor mat.”  We had a full-blown belly laugh!

While I still love a good night on the town with glitz and glamour, my definition of excitement has changed slightly.  I think the key is in finding ways to have
doing whatever it is you are doing, rather than waiting for the fun and
excitement to find you.

So, I dance while folding laundry (sometimes), and my husband and I had a blast pressure washing the house (my arms were SO sore), and Evan using a rug to dry himself off, well that’s just plain funny.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t jump at the
chance to do laundry and call that my “excitement” for the day, but with a
house full of people, it’s inevitable. So, I have a choice, I can gripe and moan about all the laundry I have to do, or I can fold and dance.  So
that’s my sage advice for the week,

Find ways to enjoy what you’re doing.  SMILE.  Fold and dance.  Fold and dance.

One of our more “exciting” moments in Disney.  We’re
in the back 2 seats.  Evan is in the very back, sitting next to my brother-in-law, ducking for cover!


  1. I know my life is exciting when (1) the UT Womens B-ball and S-ball teams make it past the first round of the NCAA tourney and (2) when I take a 3-week vacation in March to volunteer with the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo; Cowboy Up!!

  2. Don’t necessarily blame your dryer your missing socks. Once when troubleshooting a washer problem I found a pair of underwear sucked into the drainage system (yes through those tiny holes in the washer tub). I couldn’t believe it!

    Regarding excitement in life – My husband and I are both retired and do a lot of volunteer work with Idaho Fish and Game. We joke that we need to go back to work to get some quiet time.


    • Ok, I’ll have a talk with my washing machine lately. If I find any underwear in there, it’s in trouble! It’s great that you stay busy. It’s when you’re bored and stagnant that’s a problem. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know my life”s exciting when my 78 year old mom can still tell me baby stories! Hey, I just turned 55 yesterday. Love my mom Esperanza! (means Hope)

  4. So true Anne. Lifes events don’t dictate fun or not. It’s how you react to those events that dictate whether they’re fun or not. Keep it up, your digest is very inspiring.

  5. when all your traveling children are safely arrived at home, and they have wonderful stories to tell of their adventures. The worry’s over, and the joy in their company is thrilling!
    Great post, Anne, I plan to share with my friends.

  6. My super-exciting Memorial Day weekend? Rick and I discovered that season one of Friday Night Lights is on Netflix instant play (which we can stream to the big TV through the XBOX). I have one more week of my free trial offer, so somehow we are managing to squeeze 22 episodes into 8 days. We got through episode eleven last night. Woo-hoo! Of course, getting the next 11 in this week will be almost impossible, but I predict a lot less sleep than usual. Now that’s some big excitement.

    • Hi Valerie,

      That’s hilarious. We have done the same 🙂 We also found a channel on Time Warner that has the last 3 episodes of all the major t.v. shows. Once you sit down, you get hooked! Exciting to me at this point would be spending an entire day in bed catching up on back episodes 😉 Thanks for leaving a comment!

  7. You want to hear something exciting? OK! It’s 3 a.m. Saturday morning (yes, this weekend) and my husband and I are in a deep REM sleep when !!!BAM!!! an odor so vile, so metallic, so revolting and so monumental entered into our nostrils and forced us into consciousness. Ken leaps from the bed voicing profanties that basically meant, “Hmmmm..what IS that smell??” while I reel about the bedroom trying not to vomit. (Let me just say that my husband, Ken, has, in his line of work, dealt with corpses and says that this smell was worse than a 2 week old dead body…oh yes…being in law enforcement does have it’s perks!!)

    You see, our little dachshund, Greta, had decided to tangle with a skunk.

    Ken grabbed Greta and ran to take her out side because she trying to rid her insides of the vile stuff but forgot the disarm the alarm. It goes off and I disarm it. However, I didn’t remember to hit cancel twice.

    I remember that I just bought a book on natural cures for animal horriblenesses so I retch to the den to try to find it. Ken takes Greta to the bathtub to begin the washing process, while I thumb through the book trying to focus on the page numbers to find the “getting rid of skunk smell” page. (Did I mention that we sleep naked?). I find the recipe and fly through the kitchen mixing the concoction. (Here it is by the way, if you ever need it: 1/4 cup baking soda, 4 cups hydrogen peroxide and a couple of squirts of dawn. Safe for animals and humans.) I take it to Ken and make a side trip to the bedroom to throw on a nightgown when the doorbell rings!! Two officers stand at the door peering into my dining room. “Everything alright maam?” ..flashlight beaming past my head into the house. Our other dachshund is in my arms snarling….she is convinced that the officers are there to kill us all. “Everything is fine, officer, my dog just mixed it up with a skunk!” Officer looks at snarling dachshund quizzically. I say, “Not this one, the other one”. Then it hits him. He takes a step back while still attempting to assure me that he will indeed enter if needed. “Whew….I can smell it! Well, goodnight!” My, they can really walk fast when needed.

    “Thanks for stopping by!!”

    I head out the back to see what I can see and what do I see? A baby skunk crying “Mama mama mama” in little skunk language. I call 311…WHAT DO WE DO?? The answer? Nothing. Leave it alone. Okie Dokie. I report the Ken….I found the problem…baby skunk on the sidewalk in the backyard. Crying desperately.

    We stand watch for approximately 3 hours and finally see mama emerge from underneath the deck to retrieve baby.

    As of today, Greta has had 4 treatments and smells only slightly sour, the comforter is at the cleaners and the carpets have been cleaned. Oh, yes…the deck is wired off, too.

    That baby was cute, though.

    • LMAO! You are hilarious, and I so appreciate your comment. I could write a whole post on that! You’re definitely right…it sounds like it kept things exciting 🙂 Ha! Love it.

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