Time to Reset!

Time to Reset!

Time to Reset!

We did it. We survived the craziest year in our history, made another trip around the sun, and we are still standing. But do you still feel like you are in a complete daze?

It’s time to reset and grab the new year by the horns!

A reset is your ability to regain control, focus on what is most important, and create the life you want on purpose. It requires you to delve into your automatic thought patterns, belief systems, and daily habits to identify which ones are serving you. 

Where could you use a reset? At home? Work? In your relationships? All of the above?

It can feel overwhelming to tackle everything at once, so don’t. 

Try these three strategies to reset your priorities and your perspective:

#1 – Focus on what is most important

Getting clear on your priorities doesn’t take away busy, but it ensures that you stay true to what’s most important despite it. Each week make an intention to focus on something or someone that is important to you. Then, let the rest of your week fill in the gaps. I once had the privilege of speaking at a conference with Michelle Obama. She said, “Balance begins by believing you are worth it”. She went on to explain that we have to first prioritize and schedule what’s most important and let the rest of life fill in the space in between.

Take a few minutes and answer this question:

In the new year, my Top 3 priorities (in my job, family, marriage, etc.) are:






When you look at the way you spend your time, does it reflect the priorities you listed? If not, how can you make small shifts in the way you manage your day, week, or month to gain alignment?

#2 – Look toward your lighthouse

Life is like the ocean. If you don’t have anything to aim toward, you will end up carried away by the tide and current. You can have big lighthouses like your purpose and north star, or you can have little lighthouses like pizza night. Our brain needs something to aim for. Whether it’s a massage, date night, or taking some much needed time for yourself, make sure you have things – both big and small – to look forward to on a regular basis.

#3 – Develop a success routine

Success is more than a destination. Success is a collection of habits, a way of living, and a routine. This approach allows you to slowly adopt habits that cultivate success and give up things that are undermining it. Need help figuring out where to start? Here are some healthy habits that will set you up for success. While these are common sense, they are far from common practice.

Get seven to eight hours of sleep each night:

Resist the urge to binge that one last Netflix episode and get some rest. Your brain needs time to repair, process, and decompress.

Practice self-compassion:

You can’t treat other people with compassion if you don’t start with yourself.


Take 5-10 minutes each day to calm your mind and body. There are a bunch of great apps available to teach you how.

Learn something new:

Learn a new skill, take up a hobby, or read an article. Just keep learning.

Plan and prioritize your day:

Your inbox should not be your to do list. Take control of your day by planning and prioritizing both personal and professional tasks when you start your day. Finish your day by beginning your plan for the following day.

Practice gratitude:

Train your brain to find and focus on the good moments. You’ll be surprised how many you’ll find when you start looking.

I talk about these strategies and many more in my new book, Mind Over Moment: Harness the Power of Resilience. Mind Over Moment simply means becoming aware of your thoughts and habits to make sure they are serving you.

Take it one day at a time and be proud of yourself when you succeed at achieving clarity amidst chaos. You can choose to reset at any time.

Drop me a line to let me know what works for you to recharge and reset. I love hearing from you, and I share your nuggets of wisdom!

Stay brave and resilient,


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Read that again. 🙌 ...

I played piano from the time I was four years old until the age of 15 and during that time, I had a lot of recitals. I remember being so nervous before each recital. What if I played the wrong note? What if I forgot the music? My dad would look at me, hold my hands, and say:

Whatever you do, DO NOT think of pink elephants!!

At the time, I had no idea why in the world he would say this. All I do know is that when I sat down to play, all I saw were pink elephants, and I was able to tackle my nerves.

Turns out my dad was helping me to practice the ironic process theory which explains that when we try to suppress our thoughts, we focus on them even more. Seventy to 80% of our thoughts are negative and repetitive. If not managed, intrusive thoughts can lead to anxiety, depression, and a whole host of mental health challenges.

If you tend to get stuck in rumination, or if your thoughts sometimes get the best of you, here are a few ways to take back control:

1️⃣ Recognize that your thoughts are not facts.
2️⃣ Use your brain. Do a math problem, practice a different language, or play a puzzle game. When you access the prefrontal cortex, the higher level thinking part of your brain, you get out of the emotional limbic system.
3️⃣ Distract yourself. Sometimes a simple distraction gives you enough distance to quiet your intrusive thoughts.
4️⃣ Practice mindfulness.
5️⃣ See a therapist. When negative, intrusive thoughts impact your ability to do your job, maintain relationships, or start clouding your judgment, it may be time to get help. As someone with plenty of intrusive thoughts, therapy has helped me tremendously.

Don’t forget, your thoughts and feelings are not facts. They are simply habits that need to be shifted. Be patient with yourself, and if all else fails, whatever you do, DO NOT THINK OF PINK ELEPHANTS!

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I hope your Friday includes donuts. 🍩 ...

Midweek reminder: Reset your mindset. 🧠 ...

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