Business in the Front, Party in the Back!

Maybe MacGyver can pull it off (very well I might add), but I can’t.  I’m finally on the tail end of my mullet (no pun intended!).  While getting my hair cut last week with the same guy I’ve been going to for 12 years , it occurred to me how scared so many of us are of change and how comfortable we become with what we know.

After our extremely difficult time with Evan at the hospital, I decided I was going to start making some changes and try new things.  Life is too short not to.

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of my company, Acclivity Performance!    After 15 years of teaching, training, speaking, and consulting, I am taking a huge leap.  I am energized, excited, and ready to roll!

I’m also thrilled about an e-learning module I’ve created on communication and behavior styles, and I’d love for you to watch it and let me know what you think!  Because you’ve been part of the weekly motivational email, for the next 10-days, you can view the module completely FREE of charge.  All I ask is that if you like it, you give it a thumbs up and a positive comment.   After the 10-day introductory period, there will be a fee, so make sure you check it out as soon as possible.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had to come way out of my comfort zone, and I’ve learned a few things: