When Being Strong is the Only Choice You Have

When was the last time you put yourself out there and risked being completely vulnerable? This was a question Brene’ Brown asked at the Texas Conference for Women, where I had the honor to speak about harnessing the power of resilience. I often talk about vulnerability and courage because I believe they lie at the heart of resilience. My journey started with my son, Evan.

SUCCESS Magazine Building Resilience Through Gratitude Anne Grady Motivational Speaker

Building Resilience Through Gratitude

I was incredibly grateful and humbled to be asked to do a SUCCESS Magazine | SUCCESS Talks Podcast interview on the subject of…you guessed it…GRATITUDE.

I would be incredibly grateful if you took a few minutes out of your week to listen to this interview. When you’re done, take time to think of 3 things about your life for which you feel grateful. Then do that every day. It will change your perspective, your outlook, and your life.