Languishing: What it is, Why it’s Harmful & Strategies to Overcome

Languishing is not stress, worry, anxiety, or depression — but it also isn’t happiness or joy. It is not going through a crisis or feeling incredibly distressed, but it is not feeling satisfied with our achievements or having mental well-being either, either.

Emotional Numbing: What it Is, Why it’s Harmful, & What to Do Instead

Instead of sitting in the uncomfortable moment, you do everything you can to take it away. You pull out your phone, turn on the TV, grab an alcoholic beverage from the fridge, do some online shopping… you look for anything you can grasp to ease the discomfort.

How to Be Less Judgmental

When we are always passing judgment on ourselves and others, this constant state of criticism can negatively impact our mental wellbeing, driving self-comparison, harming our relationships with others, fueling anxiety, and worsening depression. But when we work to edit these thoughts and overcome our brain’s negativity bias, we build new neural pathways and train our brain to overcome these intrusive thoughts.