Get Off Your Ass and Be Grateful - Header Featured (Anne Grady Resilience Keynote Speaker)

Get Off Your Ass and Be Grateful!

In a world where emotions aren’t really taught in school, full of consumerism and competition, we’re constantly made to feel we are lacking and that we need to strive for more in order to achieve “true” happiness. But gratitude actually affects the brain at a neurological level. Being grateful increases the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin. In fact, just searching for things to be grateful for has this effect.

What My Son Has Taught Me About Hope

I’ve written about allowing yourself to sit in negative emotions. I have shared with you the importance of self-care. I speak for a living about proactively building resilience. But today…I want to talk about HOPE. There is a long-established, measurable science around hope. According to the research, high hope individuals do not react in the same way to barriers as low hope individuals, instead they view barriers as challenges to overcome.

Emotional Resilience Starts with Vulnerability

Emotional Resilience Starts with Vulnerability

Emotional Resilience Starts with Vulnerability In my TEDxTalk, I tell a story about a video I saw by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski explaining how lobsters grow. When a lobster grows, its shell becomes constricting and uncomfortable. The shell doesn’t grow with the lobster, so in order to grow the lobster has to shed its shell to…

Developing Resilient Relationships by Anne Grady, Resilience Keynote Speaker

Developing Resilient Relationships

Over 85% of our personal and financial success stems not from our technical skills, but from our ability to have positive interpersonal relationships. Whether it’s with a colleague, customer, spouse, boss, friend, or family member, chances are, you’ve had a misunderstanding with someone at one point or another.  I generally find that the root cause of most communication, relationship and team problems share a couple of common denominators…differing perspectives and miscommunication.