anne grady and her son

On The Lighter Side

This experience has been the most challenging I’ve ever had, but it has also been one of the most meaningful learning opportunities I’ve experienced. While there have been a lot of emotional and stressful times, there have also been moments on the lighter side.  I’ve learned that it is much easier to survive difficult times when you take time to find the positive moments.

A Legendary Leader

Thanks to the owner of SSG, Jon Stigliano, for writing this week’s post.   Recently one of the greatest leaders and people of our time passed away. John Wooden was not only one of the most successful coaches of all time at all levels of sports, he was a mentor, leader, person of integrity, and inspiration…

I Tried

This is the first Monday in several years that I have not posted a weekly motivation. I tried to be inspired and to provide a positive message for those that read these posts each week, but today, I just couldn’t. Today marks 2-weeks that Evan has been in the hospital. Up until Friday, we thought…