crazy mothers with her children riding on holidays

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday.  It is a time to relax, reflect on all of the things we have to be grateful for, and to eat enough to force you to unbutton your pants.  It is also a holiday that can be filled with your crazy aunt, your creepy cousin, and lots of other family drama and stress.

Here are 4 ways to tame the family turkey so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  1. Set realistic expectations – Hopefully you have a positive family dynamic and will enjoy every minute of each other’s company. If, however, you’ve got a family that’s got a flare for the dramatic, or just makes things harder than they have to be, make sure you level set your expectations before you get together.  You can’t change anyone.  You can’t fix anyone.  You can only give them permission to be who they are.
  2. Pick your battles.  Yes, your way of making stuffing and mashed potatoes is clearly better than theirs, but trying to win that battle just isn’t worth the energy.  Whenever anything annoying or difficult happens, ask yourself, “in 10 years, will it matter?”
  3. Take care of yourself – It’s easy to get caught up always doing for others.  Make sure you take some time for your most valuable resource – YOU.  Even if you can only escape for a few minutes, lock yourself in a room and give yourself 5 minutes to breathe.  You’ll be able to re-engage more clear headed and relaxed.
  4. Look for the good stuff – People are flawed, and if you are focused on those flaws, you’ll find lots of them.  Look for the reasons someone is endearing or at least tolerable. When you start looking for the right things, it’s amazing what you find.

So this Thanksgiving, eat too much, laugh as often as possible, and remember, they may be crazy people, but they are your crazy people.  Cherish them and be thankful.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!


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