Toughing It Out & Motivating Others

Inspired by hardship, Anne Grady has worked to forge both a rewarding professional and personal life. From raising a child with mental illness to being diagnosed with a tumor in her salivary gland, Anne Grady found courage to start her own public speaking business, the Anne Grady group. Her challenges and setbacks have been a catalyst to her success as a public speaker and entrepreneur, leading to over 2,000 keynote speeches with audiences up to several thousand people. We set to find out how she does it.

How to Overcome Painful Events with Resilience

How to Overcome Painful Events with Resilience This article originally appeared on CEP America, which is now 4/10/2020 Welcome to Mindfulness in Medicine, a monthly column by bestselling author Anne Bruce designed to cultivate leadership and collaborative relationships among hospital leaders, nurses, providers, and ancillary staff. Mindfulness is a powerful leadership tool that…